In the search of what it means to be “at home”, this place, with which we feel connected to the place where we can really get a feeling of belonging, i discovered the following text:

“Then, we were different people. Then we were different,not because of our age, our size and the ideas, but because the inhabitants of this short-lived planet out of the haziness of the “Never” and “Never” (the only posible homeland called childhood),are always strange creatures, creatures which never stand still, when they are caught and supposed to be classified for the bestiary. Creatures, that are completely different to that what they become of later‹….›.“

Rodrigo Fresán * Mantra

* Born in 1963 in Buenos Aires. (Historia Argentina, Planeta, Arg. 1991; Esperanto, Tusquets, Arg. 1995 and Spain 1997.) Lives in Barcelona.
Libro de Boda, Alejandra Gonsebatt

I compared him with Vilem Flusser´s reflections on homeland and homelessness (Not Brasil is my homeland, but “home” are for me the people, whom i carry responsibility for). Home is not an eternal value but a function in a specific technology, still whoever loses it, suffers. Because he is attached with a lot of bonds to his home, and most of these threads are secret, beyond consciousness. Then i realized that my homeland is me being rooted within my memories and with the people, who are part of these experiences. There is a place within me, there, where my “being” is living, where the foundations are for what i have become or have not become (citing Rodrigo Fresan).

It is the childhood, when we absorb everything that happen around us like a sponge. This applies to all areas of our lives and is saved in deep, unknown regions of our self. By letting work my unconsciousness i use different artistic methods – painting, drawing, video, photographs of the plants – i try to bring into consciousness these secret bonds, who lead us to our home and to ourselves. In this process different themes arise, which gradually come into shape.

So i started to work with “poetry pictures”, which children take into their world. With sentences cut-out from different stories from children books, which were used to educate, i “build” new texts, where writing,paper and content are equivalent elements of the whole picture.
I add a symbolic line, which swings between the child- and adult-wordl. Out of this line come colored drawings (similar to metamorphoses).


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