Bridging : Überbrückung

Within the constant changes and the speed of our way of living everybody feels an subliminal uneasiness of increasing emptiness and loneliness caused by separation and confinement.

By building bridges one gains bonds which enrich peoples’ lives.

What kind of bridges are there? Spaces, language, culture, existences, disciplines…

Five international artists (Argentine, Italy, Mexico) embrace these topics and develop new perceptions in regard of analysis, reflexion and transformation through their´artistic process. Out of this originate works of art which express the individual feelings of each of the artists.

Exhibition : Überbrückung – Painting- Medien Art- Installation

Mercedes Felgueres

Sheila Furlan

Alejandra Gonsebatt

Rodrigo Serrano Gonsebatt

Lilly Wong

Kultüren 8, Neuhausen 23. & 24. Oktober 2010

Ausstellungsdauer: 23. Oktober – 06. November 2010

Mf art atelier-galerie

Volkartstr. 15

80634 Munich

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